*You put a song in my heart*

When I'm down

and the world is dark,

silence has fallen,

and I'm fallin' apart,

When the moon won't rise

and the sun won't shine,

when nothing seems

to fall in line,

when it seems as if

there's no bright star,

I turn on my computer,

and there you are.

You type that little smiley face,

and everything seems to fall into place.

The world outside is falling apart,

but on the inside

there's a song in my heart.

With your tender *hugs*

and sweet melody,

you always bring a song to me.

Bless you in the morning light,

and when the day turns into night.

With just a smile, you always start,

to bring the music to my heart.

I wanted to tell you,

wanted to try,

to thank you for so many melodies

in my life.

Thank you my friend!!!

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