Admittedly, an incredible story, this movie appealed to me as a work of art,

also. Honestly...I went to this movie just to "see" the ship. RMS Titanic,

since most of the movie hype had been about how historically accurate the sets were.

Being a huge history buff, I wanted to experience the feeling that I was on this amazing

ship. I was not disappointed, nor was I so interested in the sets as I thought I'd be.

The story itself carries you though a myriad of emotions, beautiful scenery, perfect setting

and good acting, that although you're aware of the ship itself, you're "swept away" (shall

we say) by the simplicity of the story and the characters brought back to life by

so many talented actors and actresses.

Of course, no mention of this movie is complete without mentioning the song

that swept the country...and the world. Below is a lovely gif that I found somewhere on the

web, complete with lyrics and many panoramic scenes from this lovely movie.





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